Observations and groans this month

Observations this month and one of my main ones is “Has health and safety rules gone mad and actually causing more accidents?”

Nearly everyone these days seem to have trolleys and bags on wheels with pulling handles. All innocent you may think at first until you realise how dangerous they can be in some people’s hands. The owners of these perambulating accidents waiting to happen do not seem to care what’s happening behind them as they pull them along.  They suddenly stop or turn without regard for anyone behind them and I have seen many near misses recently where followers have almost fallen victim to their prey. Some of these menaces on wheels are so small I’m sure the weight of the trolley mechanism is more than the items inside. Has it gone so far that people would sue their employers for putting too much in a work bag if they didn’t have wheels or is there some form of hidden message from the makers of these contraptions taking up valuable pavement and public transport space.  I don’t want to appear sexist but I see more women pulling these things behind than men.

Moving on to what has seemed an age old problem of parents with pushchairs, since when has it been alright to test the traffic situation by pushing your young child out between parked cars or elsewhere to see if its safe to cross the road. Do they think that magically by pushing the pram/pushchair out its going to achieve the same thing as Moses raising a staff across the water and it parts to allow him to cross. No I just think it’s irresponsible and very dangerous to the child concerned.

That’s two different gripes about wheeled things and now to make a hat-trick Supermarket Trolleys, love-em or hate them they are essential when it comes to doing a “big shop” as the Comedian Peter Kay puts it. They stop in the middle of an aisle and block the way for you or anyone else to get past. They push and shove their way through as though they are driving a tank and not bothered about what other people are doing. Or you see young children actually sitting inside the trolley instead of walking beside this so very little shopping can be put in it. Whilst there is no right and wrong way to push a trolley around a supermarket there is a sort of etiquette that you walk on the left and watch where you are going as you go around corners but this is devoid of some peoples thoughts and they are all over the place like a drunk who thinks he is walking a straight line down the street on the way home after a good night out.

Some people today seems to totally disregard people and the environment around them as though they are in a bubble. Still if we put wheels on the bubble maybe we can push them out of the way more easily and give them a taste of their own medicine.

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