I decided to go and visit the cemetery where my mom and dad are resting this morning to tidy up their place and also my step-sisters.

As Ive been neglecting the Family Tree lately I decided I was going to wander around and look at the headstones to see if their were any familiar names. I was rather surprised and  in a sense shocked that I came across today of all days the stone of my Auntie Doris who passed away exactly 28 years ago today. The stone was relatively new as my Uncle had passed away a few years ago. This auntie played an important part in my younger days when my mom was expecting my step-brothers and sisters as well as she wanted to adopt me due to various unpleasant things to do with my step-father. She was like a second mom to me in those early days and I always looked forward to going to see her in Great Charles Street Brownhills.

Was it a co-incidence that I decided to go to the cemetery today or something in my sub-conscious telling me to. Or maybe if you believe in these sort of things a spirit guiding me into deciding to go today.

Whatever it is a bit spooky and got me thinking do other people have these sort of moments like the telephone ringing or receiving a text message just after you have thought about someone or something.

Are these co-incidences or some yet to be determined hidden spiritual force that could be part of our lives guiding us along lifes ups and downs?

I wonder if the Euro- Millions winner who this week one £161 million had a premonition when they brought their ticket. Not that I think they will be too bothered now as their mind will be on other things especially since they went public. I put a quid on this weeks National Lottery and just cuz I thought about it. And that money is now in the Camelot pot of good causes.

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