Summer and the British Weather

Well we are in the middle of July now and the time when you expect the weather to be warm and sunny. Then again this is Britain I’m talking about and our weather is pretty erratic. We have had some nice and sunny warm days between April and now but more rain I think than anything. We British are typical in going on about the weather when it comes to conversation but doesn’t the weather make a big difference to the way we feel whether its a good mood, bad mood, emotional or not.

I can remember how good I was feeling two years ago at this time when we must have had one of the hottest summers ever. Sweltering in the car when waiting around, getting my head burnt (losing hair must be my age) and jsut the general cool breeze of the evening. I also remember a particular Saturday two years ago this  weekend when  I climbed a very unsteady ladder against a fern type tree to rescue a kitten which had managed to get  stuck up there. It took ages to get it down as it was very scared but I think I was probably more scared as I don’t like balancing on shaking ladders at heights. But the thought of a young kitten stuck up the tree overcome my fears at that time. It was a very mixed emotional day that Saturday and one that I will never forget. Coming across a creature in distress or experiencing a change in an important friendship can happen suddenly just like the British Weather when its all going okay one minute and the sun is shining and all is happy in the world and then the heavens open and the downpour begins and all manner of things happen we dont expect.

We can’t change the British weather as this is a natural phenomenon but we can make the most of what we do and how we do it whether in hindsight or otherwise  come rain or shine we are only human after all and just like that rescued kitten we have to hope that lives improve for all of us. Thank God for small mercies and hope the sun shines out within our lives and beyond

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