Turn back Time – Why?

Well its November, the clocks have gone back to Greenwich Mean Time or Railway Time which some people still refer to it as.

The arguments as usual abound about more energy used, more accidents, dark when leaving for work and leaving work for home. There are as many for as many against and personally I think we should just stick to GMT throughout the whole year. After all its one of the few British things left that we can say is our own.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for saving energy, reducing accidents etc but isn’t some of it psychological. After all if the clocks remained on GMT or for those who argue against stayed on British Summer Time all year round then there wouldn’t be any sudden change in the day/night light hours as it would all be gradual.

Although many clocks are now self-changing aligned with pulses from an atomic time clock here in the UK or maybe Germany or elsewhere in Europe there are many that have to be manually changed. Think of all the person hours this takes to reset them as well as the wear and tear of the mechanism advancing them through 23 hours to get them back to GMT. Yes I am aware clocks can be turned backwards but have been told by experts you should never do this as they were not designed to reverse.

In this day and age of digital clocks whether analogue or digital faces it’s still good to see and admire the good old fashioned style of clocks in public places. And of course there’s nowhere better to see some of them but in the great railway stations. Many a courting couple have arranged to meet under or near railway station clocks in the UK and around the world. On my recent travels on a London Midland Great Escape ticket I went to Liverpool and there was a wonderful looking one there.


Just look around wherever you go and try and spot some really nice public time pieces as there are many out there. And at this time of year since the clocks have gone back and it’s a bit darker many of them are illuminated.

Just take your time to see the time

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