2012 already

Well we are now into the year of the Olympics as its 2012 so first of all Happy New Year to you all.

Apologies for the December gap as i had an accident and fractured my Humerus bone in right arm. Now managing with experience to use my left hand more as well as adapt to not being able to use right hand and arm until plaster removed and physio at some pointy soon I hope. The worst thing about the accident is having to sleep upright so that the fracture can use gravity to aide healing. Still I’m a lucky one when i think about all those people in the British Forces out across the world who may not be as lucky when it comes to healing

So whats in store for us this year? Well who knows but its not started off all that well. High winds with gusts up to 100mph in Scotland and 70mph in the Midlands. The inevitable public transport fare rises on buses and trains. Fuel and energy prices still creeping up and supermarkets making we think we are having bargains but the way the manufacturers price and package items mean we don’t always see the subtle changes eg same price – less content – same size container.

As i said at the beginning the Olympics will soon be upon us and they say that the UK economy is going to benefit from the millions pounds that will be spent whilst here. Maybe the UK economy will gain in that the government will have not as much debt to cover but if there independent financial advisers say  that this is going to be a tougher year than last year. One thing is for certain there will be less jobs about in the public sector and the private sector will also be feeling the pinch.

I hope the Olympics will at least bring a sort of good feeling boost to all whether you like sport or not and judging by the 2 million people who applied for the opening ceremony its going to bring some enjoyment.

At the beginning of the year many people decide to make a new years resolution – did you? Well if you did, I hope things work out for you. Whatever you wished for yourself for 2012, I wish you all the best for whatever you want in and out of life this year and may all or most of your dreams become reality and that by December 2012 you can say “it was a good year”

I will leave this thought with you “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.”


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