Balance the Books

We are constantly being told we have to “Balance the books” I’ve not managed to do that for years but do my best to spread my money out over the month. I don’t get any bail-out if i don’t get in right and neither do you dear reader.

Tonight I was watching Central News and the top story was about the Ministry of Defence cutting a further 4,000 jobs and 10% of those was most likely going to be the Gurkha’s. Is this a back door way I thought of cutting the costs after the victory by Joanna Lumley and other supporters giving them equal rights. We are told by the current government its to “Balance the books” after the mess left by the previous administration.

Forgive me for being a financial ignoramus if we are to be balancing our books, why is it that we have to have 10 Billion I think it is in reserve in case there are more financial problems with our European partners. This after 20 Billion has already been paid to shore up the European economy if I have read the facts correctly. As I say I’m not a financial whizz-kid, far from it but logic says if you can barely balance your budget and books you don’t give a large chunk of your money away, and  not likely to see it again for  a long time when you need that money to safeguard the nation with our existing troops and other important things like Education and health to mention but a few.

Then there is the very slow way we do some things in this country and in this case I mean the controversial HS2 Rail Project and more locally the extension of the Midland Metro. The Victorians with far less technology but far more brawn built Britain’s Railways in far less time and for less cost than the equivalent expenditure today. Investment in Britain’s Transport infrastructure which is essential in my opinion seems second rate compared with the rest of the world and we have to do it at a larger cost and prolonged time-scale.

The argument always comes back to money and it is an important factor in the equation but until we stop giving money away to help other countries we are never going to help ourselves do what Britain did best in the past,  invent, innovate, motivate and get things moving.

You cant “Balance the Books” unless common sense prevails and will it? I doubt it as long as it seems that the powers that be see us as mugs just like the people who send regular emails telling me I’ve won a lottery i haven’t entered or to help out some sick and helpless person who has money stuck in a foreign bank account they wish to share. Oh ye as long as I given them my bank details and so they can deposit it and if you are daft enough to given them the info anything you do have will be taken before you know it? Oh isnt that what our government are doing, helping themselves to our moneys we pay in taxes etc to Balance the books but never see the benefit?

I’m not for or against any government as whichever one is in we always seem to suffer because of what others have done and don’t get me started on the bankers and the energy companies…..

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