Fathers Day

Today 19th June 2016 (Third Sunday in June) is Officially Fathers Day in many parts of the world including the United Kingdom. The origins of Fathers day can be read about on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father’s_Day

Another  day in the calendar which has become very commercialised  and in some cases political. It does however remind people if they don’t know it already how important parents are and how they shape our lives. I say commercialised as we all the cards, gifts etc I’m not saying this is wrong, far from it but just like other occasions the hype sometimes can be too much.

I’m like many others is unfortunate enough not to have really known my real dad as he passed away when I was five months old due to a brain haemorrhage following what is now a routine eye operation. I only know of him through what my mother (sadly now passed away for a number of years) and what many family members have said.

I had a step-father who married my mother a couple years after my father died so effectively grew up only knowing him. Growing up with him wasn’t a pleasant experience and my mother didn’t have one either with him as I recall. To me I felt very lucky to go into a children’s home around my 13th Birthday to be looked after and get away from the environment. I later was placed with foster parents and that family was loving and kind and the father made sure I was not left out from anything.  Only thing that was unpleasant there was having to have a spoon of “Cod liver oil with Malt” every day yuk!!!  Whilst I was deprived at an early age with my father passing I feel that overall Ive been lucky in comparison to many who didn’t have a fatherly experience.

There are in this world many wonderful fathers and grand-fathers who no matter what their upbringing or culture share or have shared many happy as well as sad times with their children and grandchildren.

There are times when its so easy to fall out or lose touch with their father or grandfather for whatever reason and never make the first move to get back in touch with each other. Maybe today is a good time to reconcile your differences and just give them a call and say hello and take it from there. As a saying goes   “maybe we have left undone those things which we ought to have done” and so is it time to  put things as right as possible.

For  Fathers and Grandfathers everywhere your dedicated day regardless of whether you have family around or not.

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