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Personal Thoughts – London Midland Franchise 11/11/2007 – 10/12/2017 at 01:59

In less than a week as I write this the “London & Birmingham Railway” company trading as “London Midland” will cease to be a transport operator. The Franchise comes to an end at 01:59am on Sunday 10th December after coming into being on 11th November 2007. On 11th November 2007, London Midland took over most […]... Read More
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Chase Line Electrification

The Chase Line (Walsall – Rugeley TV) preparation work is well underway for the electrification scheme. Full details of the scheme can be read on the London Midland upgrades page here https://www.londonmidland.com/travel-information/live-information/chase-line-electrification   This banner has appeared at all stations along the route warning passengers of the closure of the line over the next few months. […]... Read More
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Re-visit to Former Wolverhampton’s Low Level Station

I took a trip back today to the former Great Western Railway station ” Wolverhampton Low Level” to see how things has changed since my photographic visit in 2012. Pictures you can see here https://www.flickr.com/photos/davecresswell/albums/72157650060026289 Four years later then has been building work on the other side of the station and the Conference and Function Venue […]... Read More

Happy New Year

2016 has been a quiet year on the blog for various reasons but I intend in 2017 to do more. I have been busy using my cameras and taking pictures and the majority are posted in my Flirk pages https://www.flickr.com/photos/davecresswell/albums I wish all my readers a Happy and Healthy New year and see you in 2017  ... Read More

Fathers Day

Today 19th June 2016 (Third Sunday in June) is Officially Fathers Day in many parts of the world including the United Kingdom. The origins of Fathers day can be read about on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father’s_Day Another  day in the calendar which has become very commercialised  and in some cases political. It does however remind people if […]... Read More
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Out and about with my camera

Its unusual if I don’t carry my camera with me when Im out and about whether on the way to/from work or out for leisure. My main camera is a Sony HX300 bridge camera with a equivalent 35mm DSLR zoom of 24 to 1600 which enables me to take a wide range of pictures. Of […]... Read More
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Walsall Station – Chase Line – Pre-electrification Work

Over this Easter Bank Holiday, Network Rail (known to many since the Dawlish storms as “The Orange Army” up and down the country will be undertaking a large amount of railway engineering work. Here near Walsall they are moving one step nearer to the electrification of the Chase Line between Walsall and Rugeley Trent Valley. Track […]... Read More
Waiting Me

This is my new Blog Website

Hello and welcome to my new home for personal blogs. My older Blogs are still at  davecresswell.BlogSpot.com and Southstaffsrail.BlogSpot.com However I have migrated some of my previous blogs over to this site and re-added images that went missing on the old one. My blogs are thoughts about Life in General and observations made. Nothing specific although UK Railway articles do […]... Read More

Balance the Books

We are constantly being told we have to “Balance the books” I’ve not managed to do that for years but do my best to spread my money out over the month. I don’t get any bail-out if i don’t get in right and neither do you dear reader. Tonight I was watching Central News and the top […]... Read More

2012 already

Well we are now into the year of the Olympics as its 2012 so first of all Happy New Year to you all. Apologies for the December gap as i had an accident and fractured my Humerus bone in right arm. Now managing with experience to use my left hand more as well as adapt to not […]... Read More

Autumn is upon us

Well looks like the days of the unexpected late summer has passed and we are back into typical October weather of rain, wind, maybe frost and general mixed bag of the Autumn season. Therefore I’ve changed the blog background to something more cheery. The leaves are being blasted off the trees together with other items […]... Read More


Some of the things that get on my nerves from time to time are as follows. People using umbrellas without awareness for those around them. People with wheeled suitcases dragging them all over the place like a caravan going too fast on a motorway.  People suddenly stopping causing other people to almost crash into them. […]... Read More

Mobile Technology

Technology changes in leaps and bounds these days and especially with mobile telephony. How many people these days actually have a landline? As BT announces increases in call charges and line rental yet again this year I am sure that many people will consider whether  they still want a landland. Many mobile operators have inclusive […]... Read More


I decided to go and visit the cemetery where my mom and dad are resting this morning to tidy up their place and also my step-sisters. As Ive been neglecting the Family Tree lately I decided I was going to wander around and look at the headstones to see if their were any familiar names. […]... Read More