Autumn is upon us

Well looks like the days of the unexpected late summer has passed and we are back into typical October weather of rain, wind, maybe frost and general mixed bag of the Autumn season. Therefore I’ve changed the blog background to something more cheery. The leaves are being blasted off the trees together with other items […]... Read More


Some of the things that get on my nerves from time to time are as follows. People using umbrellas without awareness for those around them. People with wheeled suitcases dragging them all over the place like a caravan going too fast on a motorway.  People suddenly stopping causing other people to almost crash into them. […]... Read More

Mobile Technology

Technology changes in leaps and bounds these days and especially with mobile telephony. How many people these days actually have a landline? As BT announces increases in call charges and line rental yet again this year I am sure that many people will consider whether  they still want a landland. Many mobile operators have inclusive […]... Read More